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VPSB Leadership Team



Mr. Byler was named the Superintendent of schools in August of 2020. He previously served as the principal of North Vermilion High School. Byler previously served the district as a teacher, coach, and assistant principal. In 2018, Byler was named the Louisiana State Principal of the Year. In his role as the superintendent, Byler oversees the management of the day-to-day operations of the school system. He works hand in hand with his leadership team and with school leaders to accomplish his daily task. He also serves as the secretary-treasurer of the Vermilion Parish School Board. He is married to Stacy Broussard Byler of Abbeville and is the father of three children, Grace 22, Britt 20, and Lily 11.




Mr. Hebert was appointed to be the Assistant Superintendent of Personnel and Administration in July of 2013 following a successful school-based career.  He taught and coached in Acadia Parish for two years before landing in Vermilion as a teacher/coach at Kaplan High School in 1994.  His teaching career then took him to Abbeville High School for four years prior to being appointed as an assistant principal for three years at Eaton Park Elementary.  He was then promoted to the principal there.  Four years later, Mr. Hebert transferred to Kaplan Elementary as principal and remained in that position for four years.

The daily responsibilities of the role of Assistant Superintendent of Personnel and Administration have Mr. Hebert overseeing the hiring process for all Vermilion Parish School Board positions.  He also supervises the operations of the Maintenance, Transportation, Child Nutrition, and Child Welfare and Attendance Departments.  Additionally, he supports and guides principals and assistant principals in their daily responsibilities.  

Mr. Hebert is married to Erin Rogers Hebert.  Together they have three children - Zachary (23), Alex (20), and Hollyn (16).




With 23 years of experience in education, seven years as a classroom teacher, four years as a VPSB curriculum interventionist, seven years as an assistant principal (LeBlanc and J.H. Williams Middle School), two years as principal (Milton Elementary/Middle School), and three years serving as the Director of School Leadership for VPSB, Mrs. Kimberly Etie was named the incoming Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum, Instruction, Leadership and Federal Programs beginning July 6th, 2021. Throughout her leadership roles, she has managed all aspects of curriculum development, including writing curriculum, designing professional development, supervising implementation, instructional coaching, and evaluating teachers and leaders. Kim is a proud graduate of Abbeville High School and is married to Shawn Etie of Erath. Together, they have one son, Everett.  When she is not working, Kim enjoys traveling and fishing with her family and friends. 




Mr. Johnson was named Chief Financial Officer in December 2017.  He previously served as Federal Funds Accountant and Special Accounting Coordinator and has been employed by the Vermilion Parish School Board since October 2008.  He is a Certified Louisiana School Business Official and has served on the Louisiana Association of School Business Officials Board of Directors.  He is responsible for the planning and supervision of the financial operations of the Vermilion Parish School Board.  He is married to Mrs. Hannah Johnson and is the proud father of four children.




Mrs. Hebert was appointed as the Coordinating Supervisor of Special Education in July 2018.  Regina began her teaching career in 1990.  She previously served as an Early Intervention teacher in schools, homes, and community-based programs, as well as a Child Search/SPED Coordinator.  In her role as Coordinating Supervisor, Regina Hebert oversees the special education programs and services provided to students with disabilities.  She and the department staff are committed to student-focused services with support in general education through an integrated programmatic structure.  She is married to Norman Hebert of Kaplan and is the mother of two children, Anna 23, and Evan 21. 




Mrs. Landry was appointed as the Elementary Supervisor of Instruction in July of 2018. Shawri began her career in education in 1993. She previously served the district as a classroom teacher (Vermilion Parish Elementary Teacher of the Year 2006-2007), school level Reading Coach, and District Level Curriculum Facilitator. In her role as the Elementary Supervisor, Shawri Landry oversees the implementation of all curriculum and assessments in grades kindergarten through fourth grade. She works hand in hand with the elementary district curriculum team, school-level administrators, and classroom teachers to provide the best educational opportunity possible for the students of Vermilion Parish. She is married to Gary Landry of Maurice and is the mother of three daughters, Madison 23, Molly 20, and Mary-Claire 14.




MS Supervisor

Mrs. Adrienne Theriot was named the Middle School Supervisor of Instruction in July of 2018. She began her career in education in 2001.  Previously, she worked as a  District Middle School Curriculum Facilitator and as a middle school teacher in our district.  In her role as supervisor, Mrs. Theriot oversees the instructional programs in grades 5-8 and works closely with the middle school district curriculum team, administrators, and teachers to assist in the implementation of these programs. In addition, she also works with schools to assist families in playing an active role in their child's academic success. She is married to Nicholas Theriot of Maurice and is the mother of two children, Kaitlyn 22, and Carson 15.




Mr. Small was named Supervisor of Transportation in July of 2012. He previously was a classroom teacher at Belle Place Middle in New Iberia (94-96), a classroom teacher at Pearl C. Anderson Middle School in the inner city of Dallas, Tx. (96-98), a classroom teacher at New Iberia Senior High (98-02), In-School Suspension at Westgate High School (02-05), Asst. Principal at Abbeville High (05-08), Asst. Principal at JHW Middle School (08-12), VPSB Supervisor of Transportation (12-Present). As Supervisor of Transportation, Mr. Small sees the daily operation of the Transportation System for the parish. He works as part of the Supervisor team and also works with Principals to solve issues on the bus. He is married to Sheree Clavelle Small, a 3rd-grade teacher in Iberia Parish and they have 2 kids, Saasha 22, and Kyson 16.




As an experienced educator, Dr. Tina Chargois has worked across multiple education disciplines.  She began teaching 5th and 6th-grade students at Indian Bayou Elementary and then became an itinerant gifted teacher for the Vermilion Parish School District.  She has taught college educator preparation courses and supervised student teachers at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette.  She is a published author and presented at various education conferences across the country.  After earning her doctorate in Educational Leadership from ULL in 2014, she became the Supervisor of Distance Education for the Vermilion Parish School District, where she led the development of the district’s virtual learning program. She still serves in that capacity today.  She has served on several supervisory boards, such as the Maltrait Memorial School Advisory committee, the Vermilion Parish 4H Advisory Committee, and currently serves as the president of the City of Kaplan's Zoning and Planning Board of Adjustments.  She is married to C. J. Chargois and the mother of Carl, Carina, and Chloe. 




Mr. Richard earned a Bachelor's degree from USL and a Master’s degree in Administration and Supervision from McNeese. He previously served as a classroom teacher, Supervisor of Transportation, and Supervisor of Facilities and Maintenance. In his role as Supervisor of Career Tech Ed. Richard works with school administrators and CTE teachers on curriculum and career-focused programs that provide students with opportunities to earn Industry-Based Credentials and prepares them to enter the workforce.  In his role as Supervisor of 16th Section Land, he oversees and manages all VPSB properties that are leased for agriculture, hunting, and trapping. He is married to Susan M. Richard. 




Joyce was appointed as Information Systems Manager in July 2021.  She has been employed with the school board since 1988 initially hired as a systems analyst and programmer directly supporting the business department.  Over the years she has been more involved with implementing new software applications for the district and supporting JCampus, our Student Information System.  She is the proud mother of 2 daughters, Kortney and Kelsey, and grandmother of Elizabeth, Joshua, Benjamin, Olivia, Christopher, and Emma-Grace.




Ms. Dugas has been employed with the Vermilion Parish School Board since 1972.  She earned a Bachelor of Arts in 1972, a Master of Education in 1976, and an Education Specialist In 1977 from the University of Southwestern Louisiana in Lafayette.  She is certified as a Grades 6-12 social studies teacher, Grades K-12 principal, Grades 1-12 parish/city school supervisor of instruction, Grades 1-12 supervisor of student teaching, and Grades 1-12 school superintendent.  After teaching Civics for six years at Abbeville High School, she was selected and assigned to the Central office as the Grades 7-12 Social Studies Supervisor.  Ms. Dugas gives much credit to her interest and love for social studies to her Abbeville High School social studies teachers, Kearney Stakes, Calvin Hebert, and Earle Broussard as well as her many elementary and middle school social studies teachers.  Her job duties have evolved and changed numerous times in the stretch of time employed and in her current role as a secondary curriculum supervisor, she deals with secondary issues and oversees the school librarians as well as works with the homebound program.  Her most precious gifts are her son and daughter-in-law and her three grandchildren.




Mr. Adams came to the Vermilion Parish School Board Central Office in 1977 to manage the newly established Computer Center. Prior to that, he managed the computer mapping lab for the Cartography Department in the School of Geoscience at Louisiana State University. He is a 1967 graduate of Kaplan High School and received his Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science from the University of Southwestern Louisiana (now ULL). Mr. Adams is married to Rae Ann Kern Adams of New Iberia. They have one daughter, Erin, a graduate of Erath High School, and three grandchildren, Alex, Elise, and Elliot.

In the early years, the focus of the Computer Center was on administrative data processing for accounting, payroll, and student records. Later the role grew to server management, network management, and instructional technology as the world of computing evolved. Instructional technology was the first to split off into a separate managed area, followed by server administration and network administration. The Information Systems Manager now concentrates once again on administrative support. Mr. Adams is completing his 44th and final year in 2021.




Mr. Richard was named Facilities Manager in July of 2017. He previously served as Athletic Director, a teacher, and a coach at Erath High School. Before his time at Erath High, he served as a teacher and a coach at Erath Middle School.  He holds a Master of Education Degree and a Bachelor of Science Degree. He has twenty-four years of experience. In his role as the Facilities Manager, Richard oversees the management of the day-to-day operations of all Vermilion Parish school plant facilities. He works hand in hand with his maintenance team and with school leaders to accomplish his daily task. He also serves as a member of the crisis team. He is married to Shelanne Cormier Richard of Erath and is the father of three children, Alani 17, Wyatt 15, and Brees 10.




Mr. Lemaire was named District Technology Manager for the Vermilion Parish School Board in July of 2017. He previously served the district as Special Education Coordinator, Special Education Technician, Special Education Teacher, and Health and Physical Education Teacher. In his role as District Technology Manager, he oversees the day-to-day operations of the technology department and works with all school board employees with their technology needs. Mr. Lemaire is a lifelong resident of Vermilion Parish. He is married to Patricia Marceaux Lemaire of Meaux and together they have three children.  




Madeline DeHart is the Supervisor of Fine Arts and French Immersion. She has a Master of Arts Degree in Music Education and a plus 30 in Curriculum Supervision. She taught instrumental music in grades 5 through 12, within four school districts including Texas and Louisiana. She is an active grant writer whose proposals have approved funding for a community-wide children’s chorus for local youth, as well as Louisiana Folk Roots Music Programs throughout Vermilion Parish.

Madeline is an active member of the Vermilion Arts Council serving as a board member. She is a member of the Abbeville Rotary Club and Abbeville Junior Auxiliary. Madeline is a member of the Allume’ Society and serves as treasurer of the Kaplan Arts Council. She is also a member of the Louisiana Music Educators Association, the National Association for Music Educators, the Louisiana Association of Kodaly Educators and the Organization of American Kodaly Educators, and the Feierabend Association for Music Education.




Amy Fremin joined the Vermilion Parish School Board team in December of 2013.  She has been a part of the school system serving in Child Nutrition Programs for over 18 years.  She is a Registered Dietitian, holds a Master’s Degree in Science with an emphasis in Food and Nutrition, and is a Certified School Nutrition Specialist.  As the Coordinating Supervisor of the Child Nutrition Program, Amy works daily on feeding the students nutritious, high-quality meals along with being fiscally responsible to the district.  She also has the responsibility of managing all 17 preparation kitchens, CNP staff continuing education and training, food safety and sanitation regulations, and procurement procedures.  Prior to the school systems, Amy worked in the hospital and nursing home settings.  She is involved in numerous outside activities to continue her knowledge in Child Nutrition including serving in the School Nutrition Association of Louisiana in which she is the current President.  Outside of work, Amy’s pastimes include service work with her church, running and working out, and being a mom of three, Ashton 22, Abigail 17, and Jack 13.     




Mr. Merritt was appointed Legal Counsel/Risk Manager in March of 2019.  A graduate of ULL and Loyola, Mr. Merritt has practiced law since 2010. In his current role, Mr. Merritt oversees District Risk Management and the District Crisis Team. He is married to Pamela Merritt, a Special Education Teacher in the District, and he is the father of three children, Jacob, Benjamin, and Ava.




Child Welfare and Attendance Supervisor

Mr. Prudhomme has earned a Bachelor of Science degree from Louisiana State University and a Master of Education and Education Specialist from McNeese State University.   Mr. Prudhomme has been the Child Welfare and Attendance for the past 15 years.  In 2020 Mr. Prudhomme served as the Interim Superintendent until the Vermilion Parish School Board elected the present Superintendent.  He previously served the district as a high school and middle school teacher/coach.  He also served as JH Williams Middle School Assistant Principal.  In 2011, Mr. Prudhomme was elected the State President of Louisiana Association of Child Welfare & Attendance Personnel and completed his tenure.  In 2014, he was elected the Louisiana State Child Welfare & Attendance person of the year.  Mr. Prudhomme served at the state level on the Advisory Council on Student Behavior & Discipline, Advisory Council Legislative Committee, and the Louisiana State Bullying Taskforce.   Throughout his leadership roles, he oversees the District Discipline Procedures, Work Permits, Truancy, Zoning, Adult Education, and the Alternative Programs.  He also serves as the District Discipline Hearing Officer, Homeless Liaison Officer, and a member of the Crisis Team.  He was blessed with the opportunity to serve our country as a Marine.   Mr. Prudhomme is a proud father of four children and five wonderful grandchildren.




Lola Vallaire-Thomas was named Supervisor of Early Childhood in November 2020. Previously, Mrs. Thomas served as the Pre-K Facilitator for the school district. In her work with early childhood, she collaborates with local Type III childcare centers, early head start and head start providers to coordinate high-quality care and education for our children ages birth to four years old. Mrs. Thomas has also served Vermilion Parish as an Assistant and Principal of Eaton Park Elementary from 2011 to 2016. Prior to joining the district, Mrs. Thomas started her education career as a kindergarten teacher for 13 years with Lafayette Parish School System. By 2007, she transitioned into a position as an In-School Suspension teacher for Broussard Middle, Earnest Gallet Elementary, and Milton Elementary/Middle Schools. Mrs. Thomas is married to Alfred “John” Thomas, Jr. and resides in Lafayette Parish.