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Meal Benefits


Financial assistance for student meals may be available by completing the Family Meal Benefits Application.  Every child enrolled in the district is eligible to apply for meal benefits, which is based on the current eligibility guidelines.  To receive meal benefits, an application MUST be completed EVERY school year. Meal Benefit Applications are available online at  An application is also provided at the beginning of each school year in which all students in the same household should be listed on the sameapplication.  Meal Benefit Applications are accepted all year long.  Parents/guardians are responsible for meal payments until the Meal Benefits Application is approved by the Child Nutrition Program Office. 

Meal benefit statuses (free or reduced) from the prior school year remain effective only for the first thirty (30) operating days of the new school year.  If a new application is not completed and approved within this time period, the student will be placed on full-price status.  


CEP Information

If a school site is participating in the CEP Program, meal benefit applications are not required.  While at school, all students attending a CEP school will be offered a healthy breakfast and lunch at no charge to the household. 

If a student transfers during the school year from a CEP school to a non-CEP school, the student will keep their status for ten (10) operating days only.  A meal benefits application will need to be completed for the current school year.  Parents or guardians are responsible for all meal payments until the approval of the application at the Child Nutrition Program Office.  Parents or guardians are still responsible for all previous meal charges incurred by the student prior to the implementation of the CEP program.  All collections procedures will apply as necessary.