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Meal Prices & Payments

Meal Prices

For the 2021-2022 school year, all school in the Vermilion Parish School Board are enrolled in the CEP Program.  When a school is classified as a CEP School, all meals, both breakfast and lunch, are free to every student in attendance.  With the CEP Program, Meal Benefits Applications are not required at a school site.  

When a school is not enrolled in the CEP Program, the meal paying status of a student is determined through the Meal Benefits Application process.  Students who are not eligible for free or reduced price meal benefits will be responsible for the payment of their meals at the established prices listed below.  All student account balances are documented as long as they are enrolled with the Vermilion Parish School Board, and collection procedures will apply as necessary.  

Free and reduced priced meals are only allowable for students according to federal and state regulations (see highlight below).  The funds collected for the adult and vistor meals are to pay for the actual cost (food, materials, labor) of the meal.  

Non-program Revenue Requirements Under subsection 12(q) of the Richard B. Russell National School Lunch Act and 7 CFR 210.14(f), SFAs are required to ensure:
1.       All revenue from the sale of non-program foods accrues to the non-profit school food service account; and 
2.       Revenue available to support the production of reimbursable school meals does not subsidize the sale of non-program foods.
3.       Non-program foods include any non-reimbursable foods and beverages purchased using funds from the nonprofit school food service account. This encompasses all foods sold in schools as well as adult meals, foods sold outside of school hours or any foods used for catering or vending activities.

The following are the meal prices that have been established by the Vermilion Parish School Board for the 2017-2018 school year: 

REDUCED $        .30 $        .40

PK - 5TH

$      1.00

$      1.70
6TH - 12TH $      1.00 $      1.75
ADULTS (VPSB EMPLOYEES) $      1.50 $      3.50
VISITORS $      2.00 $      3.75


Meal Payments

If a school is not registered as a CEP school, all meals served must be paid for daily to the school’s Cafeteria Manager or in advance through the online payment system at  A check or money order made payable to the school’s cafeteria is acceptable.  All non-sufficient funds (NSF) checks will be charged a fee. 

Meal account refunds/transfers may be requested through the school’s Cafeteria Manager, which will then be submitted to the Child Nutrition Program Office for payment.  All student account balances are documented as long as they are enrolled with the Vermilion Parish School Board, and collection procedures will apply as necessary.  Please contact 337-898-5714 with any questions or concerns dealing with student accounts or meal payments.


Meal Charge Policy

When a school is in the CEP Program, all student will be offered a free breakfast and a free lunch every day at school.  If a school is not in the CEP program, students in grades PK – 8 will be allowed to eat a full breakfast or lunch at school if they do not have the adequate payment needed.  Students in grades 9 – 12 must be able to pay for the meal they are purchasing.  School sanctions will be applied at the school site for all unpaid debts which includes denial in participation in non-academic activities (field trips, school fun days, dances, etc.), including graduation ceremonies.  Payments can be made through the online payment system at www.myschoolbucks or a payment plan can be established through the Child Nutrition Program Office.  Student meal balances will be communicated to the parent or guardian through statements that will be sent home two (2) times per month through the student.  Statements are printed, sealed, and given to the homeroom teacher for distribution to the student.  Students are responsible for giving statements to the parent or guardian.  The meal charge policy guidelines are the same for students that have balances even if the school they are now attending is a CEP school.  All meal account balances must be paid in full.