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Special Dietary Needs

Special Dietary Needs

Special dietary needs are addressed for every student on an individual basis at each school site.  Federal and state regulations require a completed Diet Prescription Form by your child’s physician or medical authority for any type of change and/or substitution that is needed to the current, posted menu.  We will not process a special dietary request for your child until we receive a current and completed Diet Prescription Form.

The current Diet Prescription Form is available below.  A new Diet Prescription Form MUST be completed EVERY school year.  If you have questions regarding the form please contact the Child Nutrition Program Office at 898-5802.


If a student cannot have fluid milk, an appropriate substitute MUST be prescribed on the Diet Prescription Form.  
The following milk substitutions are available for fluid milk:  
8 oz Lactaid, 4 oz 100% Juice, Water.


Diet Prescription Form