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Early Childhood Roundup/Registration Dates



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Note: Pre K online application will be available on March 29, 2019.

PreK Roundup Dates 2019


During round-up, all completed applications will be evaluated by Mrs. Thomas. If all criteria for placement are met, then the parents will be given a letter at round-up confirming placement in the preschool program for the 2019-2020 school year. If all criteria for placement are not met, then the parent will be provided the option to be considered for placement by paying tuition. If the parent elects to pay tuition, then the parents will need to complete a questionnaire and their child completes an academic screener at round-up. The results of the measures will be analyzed to determine if placement is possible. By the end of April 2019, parents who elected to pay tuition will be contacted by mail with the results. If accepted, then the placement information along with the necessary paperwork to complete for the tuition payments will be provided with the results. If placement is not possible, the pre-k facilitator will make a referral to another Vermilion Parish Early Childhood Program. Depending on the parent’s response, the child will also be placed on the waiting list for the school-based program.2019 – 2020 Vermilion Parish Pre-Kindergarten Placement Procedures Pre-K registration for all Vermilion Parish pre-k students for 2019 – 2020 will be completed at the round-up events listed above. Parents must complete the preliminary application and provide all supporting documents at round-up on their school’s designated day before their child can be considered for placement in the preschool program. If parents attend round-up but do not complete the registration process, then their preliminary application will be kept and an appointment will be provided to them to return at a later date to complete registration with Mrs. Thomas (Pre-K Facilitator) in person at the school board office after April 1, 2019.

If parents miss the enrollment information fair, the parent meetings in February, and March round-up, then the preliminary application will become available for them to complete online beginning March 29, 2019, on the early childhood link found on the school board web site ( under the “Departments” heading. Once the preliminary application is completed online, the form will be submitted to Mrs. Thomas automatically via email. You will be contacted by phone to arrange an appointment day and time to complete registration in person with Mrs. Thomas at the school board office. Note: Pre-kindergarten programs were established to capture our most “at risk” students to prepare them to enter kindergarten giving these students the greatest chance of success in school. We have been fortunate in Vermilion Parish to have enough pre-kindergarten seats available to offer some additional opportunities.

The placement procedures will be as follows:

1. Eligibility will be determined during registration. All eligible students will be placed first in an open slot. The criteria below will be used to determine eligibility:

• Child will be 4 years old prior to September 30th - presentation of original birth certificate needed

• Presentation of child’s social security card

• Presentation of a current immunization record

• Two proofs of residency presented- parents current electric bill and a second document such as water or gas bill, rent receipt, or filed Homestead Exemption

• Income requirement met: at or below 200% federal poverty level OR family identified as homeless OR child in foster care **Once classes have been filled with students who meet the above criteria,

Vermilion Parish School employees’ children will be placed and may still be subject to paying tuition.

2. If a student is not eligible, based on the above criteria, he/she may still have an opportunity to fill any remaining seats. In this instance, an academic screener is administered, and a parent questionnaire must be filled during registration. The screener and questionnaire will be used to determine to what degree the potential student is “at risk”. If a student can be placed as a result of the screener and questionnaire, then the parents will be mailed a letter indicating placement is available but can only be secured with their acceptance to pay tuition for the placement. The tuition authorization form must be completed with a voided check and returned according to the guidelines that will be provided in the confirmation letter that will be mailed in April 2019. If the authorization and voided check are not returned in a timely manner, the pre-k seat will be offered to the next family on the list.

3. The processing of applications will be ongoing until all available seats are filled. Thereafter, the applications will be processed and students will be placed on a waiting list. If a seat becomes available in the program, the facilitator will contact the next family on the waiting list.

4. School administrators and teachers will be given the class rosters in July 2019. The school administrators and teachers will contact all families with important information regarding the class assignment, pre-k testing days/times, and the dates for the start of school by late July or early August.

5. After round-up days have been completed, the preliminary application for pre-k for 2019-2020 will only be available online or with Mrs. Thomas at the school board office. Please contact Lola Vallaire-Thomas at (337) 740-5905 for more information.



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