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Explanation of Financial Documents

Explanation of Proof of Income Requirements

Each adult in the household must provide proof of income unless the family receives SNAP, the child gets social security benefits, DCFS Placement Agreement exists, or homeless status has been approved (see explanations below).

You can provide any ONE of the following as proof of income for registration:

1)  2 consecutive pay stubs- the stub must show the hourly rate of pay, beginning and ending date of the pay period, the company name, and your name. The stubs must be from within the last two months of the application completion date at round-up. This is proof of income for an individual.

2)  A letter from your employer stating the company name, your name, your hourly rate of pay, the number of hours you work per week, and how often you get paid. This is proof of income for an individual.

3)  Statement of No Income – form provided by the state for individuals who do not work presently. This form must be completed in person with the individual claiming no income.

4)  Irregular Incomeform provided by the state for individuals who own a business or works a job with irregular hours or is seasonal work. This form can be submitted by an individual and must have the most recent tax documents to support the annual income proof.

5) SNAP details page- if your family receives SNAP then you will only need to submit the SNAP details page as income for the entire family. The SNAP details page must include the certification date and it must be a current case. The details page must have all of the family members listed at the bottom who are included on the case. The parent/guardian and the child being enrolled must be listed for this document to be used as family income verification. The SNAP details page can be found once you log into the DCFS site:   1) click on “Check My Cases” in the list on the left side of the page and 2) when the table with your cases listed comes up in the middle of the page, click on “SNAP details”

6) Social Security Benefit- if the child you are enrolling receives social security in his/her name, then you will only need to submit the benefits explanation letter from social security as proof of income for the entire family

7) DCFS Placement Agreement (Foster Child) – the DCFS agreement placing the child being enrolled in foster care with the caregiver serves as income verification for the family

8) Homeless – family files for homeless status with the student services department with the school district. Verification will be done through the e-SCHOLAR database.

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